The Archaeology Centre

Ph.D. Students

2015-present Branden Rizzuto.  Plans to conduct research on Moche metallurgy.

2014-present Andrew Harris.  Interested in shifts from stone to wooden temple architecture in the post-Angkorian period (co-supervision with Heather Miller).

2013-present Aleksa Alaica, plans to conduct research on human-animal relations in ancient Peru.  Awarded SSHRC CGS-D.

2013-present Stephen Berquist, plans to conduct research on changing perceptions of the environment and landscape between the Inka and colonial period in Northern Peru.

2012-present   Camila Guarim, plans to conduct research on Amazonian landscapes

2010-present Giles Spence Morrow. Thesis Title: Drawn to Scale: Materiality, Miniaturization and Mimesis in the Moche Experience and Representation of Ritual Space.  Awarded SSHRC CGS-D.

2010-present Guy Duke.  Thesis Title: Consuming Identities: Food Production and Consumption in the Late Moche Jequetepeque Valley, Peru (tentative).

2011-2014 Anna Guengerich (University of Chicago).  Received PhD in 2014 (co-chair with Francois Richard).


M.Sc. Students

2015-present Thomas Blennerhassett.  Is undertaking research on Moche serving vessels and feasting economies

2014-present Niamh Curran.  Is conducting research on shifts in the perception of religious landscape following the Spanish conquest of Northern Peru

2014-pesent Amanda Sinclair.  This student is undertaking research on household ritual and the manufacture of clay figurines.

2011-2013 Sally Lynch. M.Sc. Thesis Title: A Ceramic Based Analysis of Feasting and Power at the Moche Site of Huaca Colorada.

2009-2011 Katrina Gataveckas. M.Sc. Thesis Title: Landscape, Household, and Gender in Late Moche Jequetepeque:  A View from the Ceremonial Centre of Huaca Colorada SSHRC PGS-M.



M.A. Students

2015-present Julia Earle. Conducting research on stone architecture during the Middle Horizon

2012-2013 Katrina Joosten.  Masters Research Paper Title: Archaeology’s Virtual: The Micropolitics of Envisioning Time (co-supervision with Lena Mortensen).

2009-2010 Michael Taylor. Masters Research Paper Title: Late Preceramic Monumental Architecture on the Central Coast of Peru: Social Space as Conceived, Perceived, and Lived.

2005-2006 Marijke Maurine Stoll.  MA Paper Title: Blood in the Sacred Water: Space, Place and the Practice of Sacrifice at the Templo Mayor.  University of  Chicago. Masters of Arts Program in the Social Sciences.

2005-2006 Lindy Rae Falvey.  MA Paper Title: Continuity of Burial Practices Across the Millennia: The Development of Moche.  University of  Chicago, Masters of Arts Program in the Social Sciences.