2019 Summer Fieldwork Opportunities:




There are a number of research and excavation opportunities available for the summer of 2019.  You should consult with your college registrar as soon as possible to determine whether you are eligible for bursaries to help cover field costs.  A number of opportunities come with significant funding to make participation in archaeological research affordable.  There are also field courses offered on both the St. George and UTM campuses.  If you have any questions about potential summer fieldwork or want to arrange credit for a program offered by another university please contact the Archaeology Centre.


Research Excursions Program (398 Y/H): The Research Excursions Program provides an opportunity for Arts & Science degree students (St. George) beginning their third year (i.e., after completing at least 9 but not more than 16 credits) to participate in a practical or experiential activity under the supervision of a faculty member. Students pay only the cost of course registration.  All travel costs are covered by the program. For the summer of 2019 positions are available with Michael Chazan in South Africa, and Seth Bernard in Italy.  Information and application material is available at http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/rep/summer-2018


Archaeology in Israel:  Thanks to generous support from the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University we will be able to support six students (undergraduate and graduate) to participate in a two week program on the Archaeology of Israel at the Hebrew University.  Information on the program can be found on the attached flier.  Students interested may choose to combine participation in the Hebrew University with a month of excavation of the Roman-Byzantine site of Huqoq under the direction of Jodi Magness (UNC-Chapel Hill).  Funding is available to cover round trip airfare to Israel. Click here for flyer with more information.

Note:Two application forms are required to apply to the Archaeology in Israel Program, and should both be submitted directly to the Archaeology Centre. These two applications can be downloaded from the following links: Application 1Application 2.


Summer Abroad Program in Georgia: This will be the second year of the University of Toronto‚Äôs Summer Program in Georgia. The Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expedition (GRAPE) is an international multidisciplinary research project investigating the emergence of farming economies in the South Caucasus and the influence of the Near East on the development of local Neolithic cultures and, conversely, the influence of Caucasia on the Near East. This program provides a unique opportunity to receive intensive training in archaeological field and survey methods at the sites of Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora.  Find more information at https://summerabroad.utoronto.ca/programs/georgia/.


Archaeological Field Methods (ARH 306Y, St. George, Summer Session)  Intensive instruction in archaeological field methods and acquisition of field skills, including archaeological search and survey, site mapping, laying out excavation grids, use of theodolites, total station, and GPS, stratigraphic excavation, stratigraphy, field recording, screening sedimennt, Ontario License and reporting requirement.  Normally this course takes place on campus over a three week period (two weeks of fieldwork).  Prerequisite: ANT 200Y1 or NMC 260H1 and 262H1 or NMC 261Y0.


Archaeological Fieldwork at UTM (ANT318H5F, UTM, August and Fall Term)  The objective of the UTM Archaeological Fieldwork course is to give students a basic grounding in the techniques and methods employed by archaeologists to extract data from and archaeological site and to process these data in the laboratory.  Because archaeological data collection is time-consuming and requries learning a number of different techniques, the first part of the course will consist of two weeks (80 hours) of field instruction, usually during the last two weeks of August.  Laboratory work takes place during the fall term on the UTM campus.



The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email:  archaeology@utoronto.ca