Archaeology Centre Innovation Fund


The Archaeology Centre welcomes your support for priority projects through the Archaeology Centre Innovation Fund. Gifts to this fund will directly advance research on priority projects, including support for the lead faculty member, U of T students, excavation permits, equipment, and travel and lodging costs.


Your gift at the following levels will benefit the project in greatest need, or you can direct it toward a specific research project or excavation.



will fund one project for one field season, including the lead faculty member and 3 – 5 students



will sustain one at-risk project for one field season by funding the lead faculty member and 1– 2 students



will fund one graduate student for a season of field work and analysis, critical for producing original research for their thesis



will fund one undergraduate student for a season of field work, providing a life-changing experience with world-class training and direct access to primary material culture


Gifts of all sizes will have a profound and transformative impact. Thank you for your interest and support.



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